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I have started a form of a teaser flash, and need a voice actor to play Xenos II, the insane robot described in the title. A decent maniacal laugh is a must, and an overall menacing, but not deep voice is a plus. I have no means of payment, so it would be solely for recognition/practice. Being able to add a robotic filter to the voice would be nice as well. PM me if interested, I will send you a sample line and see who will make the cut.

Animator Wanted

2010-09-12 14:08:13 by BladeSwinga

I quite frankly suck at/ have no patience for Flash, and am looking for an animator to do a little sieries for recognition. If you think you're interested, message me. If you're unsure, read this little bit;

Damon careened around a corner in the hummer, jumping out in time to avoid getting hit by a tank, which mangled the hummer as they crashed. Damon rolled, a white flame travelling from his heart to his arm, where it solidified into a miniature artillery gun encasing his upper arm, another of his favourite forms of Soul Saber. The Diezen droid at the tank's mounted machine gun spotted him, but not before Damon aimed his own gun and fired an explosive blast of flame at it, destroying half of the tank's turret with a bang.
The next missile that came at him Damon was ready for. He saw it gliding towards him at an ever-slowing speed, and sounds of combat became slowed, more deeply-pitched, until it faded altogether. The missile had come to an absolute standstill, and Damon walked up to it leisurely and effortlessly turned it upwards.
Damon was greeted back to real-time with a literal sonic boom. Huge gusts of wind picked up walls of dust and even rolled the wreckage of his hummer back onto its wheels. Windows shattered and doors were broken open. The missile launched upwards at speeds exceeding those of Formula 1 race-cars. Such was the cost of Damon altering the flow of time.
There was a large rumble. Damon turned to see that the building he rescued from had collapsed. But the rumble continued. Turning around he sees a Diezen war tank; a three story tall, two hundred foot long tank, with five cannons on the front with machine guns mounted on the top one with two more cannons on the back.
One of the cannons fired and the side of a building near Damon exploded, sending debris everywhere. Another explosion rocked the war tank, and Kashii's tank rolled out of the dust, firing at the larger tank again. The droid manning the machine lost its balance and fell down through the hatch, and the clangs of impact were audible over the chaos of the battle behind them. Damon wasted no time in climbing up the ladder on the side of the massive treads, clambering up to the hatch and jumping in, not before kicking the machine gun off of its stand. Kashii wasn't firing anymore, but was driving side to side to avoid any more attacks from the war tank.
The droid from the hatch had gotten to its feet, just to have Damon take it down by landing on it. There was another Diezen sitting behind a screen showing Kashii's tank and a targeting recital. Soul Saber converged into a blade brace, a metallic brace that encased his forearm, with a three foot long double edged blade that came out above his wrist. He ran the blade through the seat, destroying it's occupant and the screen in front of it. He walked into the next control room and saw four similar screens and seated, each one occupied. Damon slashed three of them and engulfed the fourth one with flames that spiralled from his blade. All of the forward cannons were disabled. Now, to set his explosive...

So, if interested, message me

Animator Wanted